Otto Sets Guinness World Record For Skateboarding Dog

Most dogs can skateboard, but some breeds are better at it than others. Proper maneuvering on the part of the dog owner is critical to ensure safety for both the dog and the skater.

English bulldog Otto recently made the Guinness World Record for traveling through the longest human tunnel on a skateboard. This talented pooch zipped through the legs of 30 people in Lima, Peru.

Otto the English Bulldog

One of the most amazing dogs you will ever see is Otto, an English Bulldog who can skateboard better than most humans. This talented pup has a long list of tricks, including surfing and skimboarding. He also has a Facebook page where he updates fans on his many accomplishments.

Owners Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards adopted Otto as a puppy after watching videos of the former world’s fastest skateboarding dog, Tillman. They trained him to skateboard and he became very good at it. He is now able to skate through 30 pairs of legs!

The feat was filmed in Lima, Peru, and attracted a huge crowd. The thirty people who created the tunnel stood with their feet three feet apart to allow Otto to skate through without being touched or led. He managed to whizz through the tunnel with ease and won the Guinness World Record for this incredible achievement! He can even surf and skimboard, according to his owners.

Otto’s video

Otto’s record-setting talent came as a surprise to his proud owners, Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards. They had been inspired to get a Bulldog after seeing videos of Tillman, the former fastest skateboarding dog, who sadly passed away this October.

In Lima, Peru, the 3-year-old Otto glided through a tunnel made up of 30 pairs of legs in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2015. Each person who created the human tunnel faced one direction and stood with their feet apart to allow Otto to pass through without being led or touched.

He adjusted his balance throughout the entire tunnel, even using a tactical push with his paw halfway through, and completed the record with ease. His amazing ability has garnered him a worldwide following, raising awareness of responsible pet ownership and supporting organizations that promote adoption. He also visits children with cancer and brings a smile to all those who admire his talents. He’s truly a remarkable dog!

Otto’s Guinness World Record

As Guinness World Records Day celebrates record-breakers across the globe, one skateboarding dog in Peru has managed to glide his way into the book. In Lima, Otto the Bulldog successfully travelled through a tunnel of 30 people’s legs, gliding through without being led or touched. The feat was performed as part of a special live event for Guinness World Records.

His owners, Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards, were inspired to get a Bulldog after seeing the renowned videos of Tillman, who was once known as the world’s fastest skateboarding dog but passed away in 2015. They have now been presented with an official certificate of Otto’s amazing achievement.

The four-year-old canine hopped onto a moving skateboard and cleverly adjusted his body to avoid running into the legs of the 30 volunteers. As the crowd cheered, he expertly maneuvered his way around their limbs to pass through in record time. He even managed to tilt and use alternate paws in order to navigate the tunnel.

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