How to Break a Longboard Speed Record

As with many extreme sports, breaking a record takes years of hard work. But it also requires a certain amount of talent, focus and skill.

Skateboarders who reach these speeds are likely highly experienced with big DH wheels and full-face helmets. They probably also use high-tech skateboard gear like air braking and sliding systems.

Attempting to break a world record

Trying to break a world record takes years of dedication and training. It also requires a great deal of patience and determination to overcome the many obstacles that can come up along the way. This is why it is important to find experienced longboarders, coaches, or trainers to help you train for your record attempt. They can help you refine your technique and provide guidance on safety measures.

Peter Connolly’s unwavering commitment to the sport of downhill skateboarding helped him achieve the ultimate achievement in the world of longboard speed. His run broke records that were previously considered impossible, and it is a testament to his skill and indomitable spirit.

Using a combination of real-world, wind tunnel, and online simulation testing, Pete is able to identify the key areas where his speed can be improved. He’s now focused on improving those parts of his setup that can be easily modified to make a big difference.


Longboarding is a sport that requires both physical and mental preparation. If you want to break a world record, you should spend time practicing your skills and building your endurance. You should also reach out to an experienced longboarder or coach for advice and guidance. They can help you develop a training plan that will prepare you for the record attempt.

To achieve high speeds on a longboard, you need to learn how to slide. This can be difficult to master at first, but with patience and practice, you will be able to accelerate quickly and safely. The most important thing is to wear a helmet and pads to protect yourself from injuries.

Before attempting to break a record, you should contact the governing body responsible for verifying speed records. This will ensure that you follow established guidelines and maintain safety precautions during the record attempt. Then, you should make a plan and find the right location for your record attempt.


If you’re going to break a world record in longboard downhill, you’ll need specialized equipment. You’ll need a board that can handle the speeds you will be reaching, as well as a team of spotters and timekeepers to ensure safety. You will also need to be prepared for potential injuries, so it’s important to wear appropriate protective gear.

For most riders, this means a full-face helmet because falling at these speeds is no joke! You’ll also need special longboard downhill wheels and a stiffer board.

These boards are usually 9 feet or longer in length, with a curved nose and a wide tail. They are designed for speed, with low-angle trucks and bushings that are dialed in based on the rider’s weight. In addition to this, many riders use electric motors to reach these speeds. They are powered by repurposed computer hard drives, and are often referred to as “recycler boards.” This technology has opened up a whole new category of high-performance skateboards.


While it’s not uncommon to see a longboarder break a record, this type of skating is still fairly dangerous unless certain safety precautions are taken. This includes wearing a helmet and knee pads. In addition to this, it is important to choose a board that is appropriate for the rider’s skill level and to practice braking techniques. If possible, riders should also learn to roll into a fall rather than falling off the board.

Erban used a GMR board with stock Seismic wheels and Ronin trucks to hit his speed record. He wore a leather suit and full-face helmet during the attempt.

While it may seem risky to skate downhill, this sport can be very safe if the proper safety measures are taken. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, longboarding can be a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time! Full-color photographs highlight the fast action of this exciting sport. Fact boxes, a glossary, and safety tips help readers understand this daredevil sport.

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